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 Sweet-o-bikeTogether with the team of our Science Centre Hisa eksperimentov I worked as an expert in the development of an interactive tool from the area of diabetes education.

 So the Sweet-o-bike was born. My patients can experience, train and learn a lot of useful "hands-on" knowledge in my clinic where Sweet-o-bike is located.

The SWEET-O_BIKE was opened in the Slovenian Science Centre Hisa eksperimentov (The House of experiments) by the Mayor of Ljubljana Mr. Zoran Jankovic. Two identical copies were produced. One is in the Science Centre and the other in my clinic.

When you sit down on the a virtual food starts approaching you. You choose what you will eat. In order to stay on the road you have to dose the right amount of the insulin.

After the cycling you get a diagram of your training - teh "Sweet-o-gram".

The training on Sweet-o-bike became a part of regular education of the patients in my clinic.

Mayor of Ljubljana on the Sweet-o-bike

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